SPA center Loutraki

LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA is located in the city of Loutraki, in the north cove of the Corinthian Gulf. It has been a famous place for its healing waters since the ancient times, then called "Thermae" and owes its name to the thermal baths which took place in the curative springs. The ancient city of "hot springs" owes its name to the "" THERMAL” ARTEMIDA, protector of the hot thermal springs and is the favorite city of the gods. There, APOLLO, god of the sun and the tranquility and the mother of the gods IRA had temples for their worship.

In a super modern space, we offer a unique experience to rejuvenate body and mind as well as relaxation and welfare with body and face treatments. You can simply choose among hydrotherapy pools, individual baths in a special thin rain shower, sauna, steam bath or being sprayed from distance and rejuvenated through massage techniques with essential oils offered through mud.


International Children’s Camp

International Children’s Camp

Travel agency “Sport Village Tour” has been organizing children's camps in Greece since 2008. Our basic approach consists in mutually beneficial conditions for our partners, respect and confidence. Since our beginning we operate at high-quality service in Greece. Greece is a country of unique cultural heritage, mild climate, wonderful nature and amazing cuisine.

The real estate company “Rent House” grants discounts for children camp for those, who use the services of our company. If you rent a villa, apartment or house in Greece on our site, you will take 10% discount for the rest of your child in International children’s camp.

Since 1999 in a magical valley Sofiko in Corinth, day after day revives the legend. International sport-healing center – “Ranch”, total surface area of 400 acres, located in the Peloponnesus peninsula, 90 kilometers from Athens, in a beautiful wooded area. Owing to high mountain location air temperature by 5 degrees lower, than on the seaboard, that is good for overall health of the body and for training process. Excellent sports facilities, accommodations and meals, only highly qualified staff- all this for more smiles of happiness on the faces of children. This is the only camp in Europe in the style of the Wild West, with real cowboys and horses. Here you will find yourself on the set of a Hollywood movie about Indians in the canyons of Mexico. Mysterious paths of the surrounding forest will lead you to the magical world of history and mythology.


Children live in wooden houses (one-storey and two-storey houses), in rooms 50 sq. m. by 8 people (single-stage bed, perhaps the second tier). Shower and toilet are in each room. Mineral water from sources of Loutraki.


Five meals a day Everyday fruits European breakfast, second breakfast, afternoon snack – buns, ice cream, juice. Lunch- soup and hot meal with meat. Dinner- meat and garnish Vegetables, fruits, herbs and olives grown by owners of the camp at a location nearby territory Drinks made from mineral water from Loutraki Hot water 24 hours


Every evening in the camp held event: body art, fun games, watching movies, competitions (dancing, Oscar, singing), musical evenings, quizzes, educational games and disco Intellectual games: theatre groups, chess, checkers, puppet theater, creating movies


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